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If you’re ready to find out how you can increase your chances of conceiving NATURALLY – book in for your free Fertility Assessment call.

We’ll chat about your fertility history + any other relevant health issues, and you’ll find out how my natural approach could benefit you. It’s a bit like a getting-to-know-you call!

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Kyra Howearth

The Fertility Herbalist

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How It Works


Chat With An Expert

You get to talk with me personally – a qualified herbalist with a special interest in fertility. Since graduating as a herbalist from ACNT in 2017, I have completed many post-graduate courses on various fertility topics.

Review Your Options

Need a second opinion? Sometimes a health professional may suggest medication/procedures etc. but you’re unsure if there are other options. I’ll give you honest + realistic advice regarding your fertility options.

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From our conversation, you’ll be able to choose your path. You may like to complete my Preconception Ecourse, book in for a private consultation, or I may refer you to another practitioner. You’ll be completely informed to help you make the best decision to help you conceive.